Announcing S.O.S Island!

You know how in Ghost Story, you hear Spoiler Alert! about a man who was tricked by a forged letter and ended up on a ship that became shipwrecked? Spoiler Ended

Now, the shipwreckiness of it all is back, but this time, you’re on the boat.

Wa wa wa….

Seriously, Creators, what have you been doing to our characters lately?!


Announcing the next Poptropica Island!
Ghost Story Island has been out only a week, and already we have news of the next Poptropica Island! Prepare for…

S.O.S. Island!

S.O.S. Island is a gripping tale of survival at sea. Visit our S.O.S. Island info page for more details about this whale of a tale. And keep it right here for more news about S.O.S. Island, including trailers, the release date, and more!



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