What has happened for the past few days…

  • SOS has been released for Members
  • Vampire and Werewolf stuff have been shown lately on Daily Pop
  • There’s the mystery of the “pic” button going around.

Basically, yeah.

Update: What I meant by the “pic” is this:


Announcing S.O.S Island!

You know how in Ghost Story, you hear Spoiler Alert! about a man who was tricked by a forged letter and ended up on a ship that became shipwrecked? Spoiler Ended

Now, the shipwreckiness of it all is back, but this time, you’re on the boat.

Wa wa wa….

Seriously, Creators, what have you been doing to our characters lately?!


Announcing the next Poptropica Island!
Ghost Story Island has been out only a week, and already we have news of the next Poptropica Island! Prepare for…

S.O.S. Island!

S.O.S. Island is a gripping tale of survival at sea. Visit our S.O.S. Island info page for more details about this whale of a tale. And keep it right here for more news about S.O.S. Island, including trailers, the release date, and more!


The Chipwrecked Experience joins the group of ads that overadvertise.

It’s tuhrue!

And it even has its own guitar-hero style minigame!

Here’s me playing against a girl I found in that multiverse. They indicate who is playing by dancing. Okay…

When you finish that game, it’ll give you two prizes.

Also, I got 2 prizes from a game where you search for mangoes. And… well… I’m feeling a little awkward about the outfit.

Of course, they DID have bikinis on Mythology Island, and there are bikinis in the surfer outfit, but something doesn’t feel right.

Wow. They’re really going all-out to make sure you see that movie.

Remember Hop?

Well, that’s about it for now. BT and her review out.


The Mystery of Mr. E. Vile

Brave Tomato: The mystery of E. Vile. Just exactly who is he? So far, we’ve only seen a sillouette of his head.

*looks for another E. Vile picture on PCB*









aljveoisqhno vfo

oqhvwa oiweavo




Fugetabout you, Mr. Evile.


Oh. My. Cheese. *still excited but calmed down*

First, robots. Now, ghosts.

Wait. The post title says “The Mystery of Mr. Evile”. Well, I’m too lazy to fix it.

Wow. Phew. Two things that make me excited in one day.

Sorry about that little episode up top.

I ain’t scared of ghosts.

Question: What exactly is the Poparazzi?

Answer: This. The Poparazzi focuses on what is new in Poptropica. New island releases, new stuff… just like that. Well, with what you have been up to lately, CT, *see below* it’s fine if you do jokey stuff like that. However, make sure you add this catergory:

*Randomness and other Stuff*

to your posts. If it is about something likey the Legendary Swords thing and things actually happening in Poptropica, the randomness and other stuff tag isn’t necessary. The exception of this is stories. Stories don’t need to have the tag.

I’m not saying you have to stop the random news reports. They’re pretty funny actually. What I’m saying is that to make sure that the readers know that it isn’t real, kk?

In the meantime, please enjoy this pic of Grandma Gracey (a contestant from Reality TV island) inside a creepy furnace. (I swear, this is an actual Daily Pop pic!)

Welcome To Swordsman class

Jeff Kinney Poptropican: Hello, I’m going to teach you how to use your sword in order to fight against the robot invasion.


Brave Tomato: Hello, this is Brave Tomato, founder of the Poparazzi, outside the newly built swordsman class. They are doing an alternate reality right now, so the robots in the class wouldn’t actually harm them, just wait until the real thing. It’s going to be epic. Now, let’s go. *walks into swords class*

Jeff Kinney Poptropican: Ah, glad to see you… late… but oh well. Let’s go to the alternate reality and I’ll show you the technique. Choose your sword.

*Classmates pick up swords of all sizes and shapes. Brave Tomato chooses the the pirate captain sword*

Jeff Kinney Poptropican: Let’s get started.

Brave Tomato: Thank you. *alternate setting returns to normal* *walking out* Sheesh, I wish I could’ve used a bow and arrow against those bots. Well, BT out!



The picture comes out of the slot. The camera the girl was using was kind of old fashioned like that. She grabbed the picture and smiled. She drew a star on the cheek of the statue. Somehow, a bee invaded the picture.

Brave as a tomato. Curious as a bee.”

The girl looks around her surroundings. It was Counterfeit Island. A robin flew by the town. The girl tried to snap a picture of it.

That day, a paper flew by the crowd. It fluttered a little bit until it landed on the girl’s face. It was a drawing.

That drawing gave her an idea. She went on her laptop and created a blog. She decided to name it:

The Poparazzi!

And that’s how this blog was born, more or less. If you wanna join, please comment here. Tell me a lil bout yourself and stuff. The Poparazzi needs membahs.

BT out!