I decided to leave this blog. I’m busy with 3 other blogs, so I shall leave this blog. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



There’s a ghost haunting Poptropica! DX


I’m not scared.

I’m the toughest tomboy there is on Poptropica! 🙂

Well, the scrawny people (like the 6 year olds) better be carefu! 😛

UPDATE: I looked on the main street of the island I was on and I didn’t see a ghost, so blame the creators for making me post this!

Something Funny

I was on Poptropica and I was doing the fortune cookie thing and wanna know what it said? It said, “Watch out for a man wearing a yellow hat with a monkey.” It’s making fun of Curious George! XD Poll what ya’ think.

I’m out! Peace!

Clean Tornado’s Magical Adventures /*-*\

We Last Saw Clean Tornado Enter A Ball Room…

C.T.: -deep breath- Here it goes. *pushes the door to the ball room*

In the ball room, everybody stared at her. Clean then saw that it wasn’t for mythology clothes, but other fancy clothes. The whole place laughed at her. The servant laughed at her. The cooks laughed at her. Even the mice laughed at her. But, Josh just stared at her.

Josh: Why are you wearing these clothes?

C.T.: I.. I… Just leave me alone. *runs out of the room crying*

5 minutes later…

C.T.: If they want fancy, I’ll give them fancy.

30 minutes later…

C.T.: *was wearing the royal ball blue dress, curly hair with some hair covering her eye, a crown from the fairy queen, and the fairy queen’s necklace, but she still needed something* What else?… AH HA! Athena’s white cape! Still one more thing…Wait.. I’ll try out something else than the royal ball dress. Let’s try out the fairy queen’s dress.

10 minutes later..

C.T.: The purple dress is perfect! Now, I have a necklace, crown, dress, and all I need is a purple cape or a white cape.

To Be Concluded…

Clean Tornado’s Magical Adventures /*-*\

We Last Saw Clean Tornado Look For A Mask…


C.T.: Mask? No.. Mask? No.. Mask? No.. UGH! There are no masks on this island! -thinking this- Hmm.. If I pretend to be te princess, maybe I’ll get the royal treatment! Wait… That’s against the law. I know better than that! Well, I’ll just stay like this untill I find out more stuff to report to Brave Tomato.

Random Guy: C’mon princess. Let’s head back to Mount Olympus’ Royal Castle.

C.T.: Thank you… *looks at his name tag* Josh.

Josh: You’re welcome, Princess Elizabeth.

C.T.: -thought this- My nick name is Elizabeth. Maybe they are all called by nick names here. -aloud- Let us go, Joshua.

Josh: It’s just Josh. Nothing fancy okay, Elizabeth?

C.T.: Okay…

5 minutes later…

Josh: Here we are. Mount Olympus. *whistles* Yo, air bag for the princess and me!

Servant: Yes. *hands air bags to Josh and Clean*

C.T.: Thank you, kind sir. Zeus bless you.

Servant: How dare you! That no good Zeus is a rotten bag to this city!

Josh: What’s wrong?

Servant: She said Zeus bless you to me!

Josh: Elizabeth! You know better than to say that!

C.T.: -groan- Let’s just go to the castle!

Josh: Okay, okay! Open up your bag and hold on tight! *opens his up and holds on and lands at castle*

C.T.: -gulp- Okay. Here goes nothing. Goodbye dear life! *opens up her bag and holds on tight and lands at the castle* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Oh, I’m here.

Josh: It’s time for the royal lunch now, Elizabeth. Please change into your afternoon clothing.

C.T.: Okay. *changes into something special to wear for lunch* *walks to lunch room* Okay. I’m here. Now what?

A ton of butlers bring in ham, turkey, chicken, cake, brownies, etc.

C.T.: O.O

Josh: Eat up!

C.T.: *grabs some corn, lima beans, turkey, ham, chicken, and some milk to eat*

20 minutes later…

C.T.: *grabs a brownie and a cookie*

10 minutes later…

Josh: It’s time for the beach time! Please change in you sun clothes!

C.T.: You mean my bathing suit?

Josh: Yes. Sun clothes. Bathing suit. What ever. And don’t forget the pony tail and sunglasses.

10 mintutes later…

C.T.: *arrives at beach* WOO-HOO! SURFS UP!

Josh: *is wearing pretty much the same thing as Clean, but no bikini top* Uh, yeah. Surfs up. Woope-doo.

50 minutes later…

Josh: It’s dinner time! Please change into you’re dinner clothes.

C.T.: *changes into something good for dinner, which will have a lot of  people and needs to be fancy* AH! Where are the fancy clothes! AH HA! Those girls who wear blue in front of the fast food resturaunt! I’m ready!


To Be Continued…

Clean Tornado’s Magical Adventures /*-*\

We Last Saw Clean Tornado Leave Wild West Island…


C.T.: I think I’ll visit Mythology Island. *lands there* Oh! I better blend in or they might think I’m an enemy. *disguises herself*

Random Guy With Camera: There she is!

C.T.: Wha- *is surrounded by poparazzi*

Poparazzi:What are you’re plans to repair Mythology Island?

C.T.: Ummm…

Poparazzi: How were you able to destroy Zezus at Mount Olympus?

C.T.: Uhmmm…

Random Guy: *pushes out the poparazzi* Hey, hey! Back it up! Give the princess some privacy!

C.T.: -thought this- Princess? I’m not a princess! *looks at a picture of a beautiful girl* *looks at a mirror* I look like the princess! I better find a mask!

To Be Continued…