This is a picture of me!






Yea. That’s me! I would wear my favorite outfit, but this looks WAY better.


Warning: The Following Places are Haunted:

  • Your Skullduggery Island ship.
  • Shrink Ray Main Street/CJ’s room
  • 24 Carrot Factory
  • Steamworks Center and Museam
  • Wild West Trade Shop.

Approach these places with caution, and a net.

And a list of the crazy from this:

  • Those ghosts are hard to catch.
  • The frowny girl picked a bad place to flee in.
  • Daphne Dreadnaught

A Short Story: Waffles Rule! :D

Characters: Me as The Waffle, Brave Tomato as Kid #1, Friendly Dragon as Kid #2, Poptropicafan2123 as Kid #3.

Kid#1: I’m hungry!

Kid#2: I am too!

Kid#3: M three!

Random Voice: Don’t worry! Just have some waffles!

Kids 1,2,and 3: Waffles? What are those?

Random Voice: O.O You don’t know what waffles are? 😮 Well, I’m a waffle!

Kid#1: You’re a waffle?

Waffle: Yes! I’m a waffle!

Kids 1, 2, and 3: Do you know where we can get some waffles?

Waffle: Of course! I am a waffle after all! Let’s take your mother’s car!

All: YAY! *all run to the car*

Waffle: Where are the keys?

Kid #3: *grabs them* I have them! *gives the keys to the waffle*

Waffle: Let’s go!!!










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My Drawing! :D

What do you think?

Here’s a drawing I made! She saying, “Hi! I’m Neat Lizard! I from  Cryptids Island and my grandpappy owns Big Foot!”

Get it? She said that because her grandpa is Harold Mews! XD

My mind…

This Is In My Mind XD

No. Not like that kind of stuff is in my mind (I wish though). I thought of something that the blog should do: interveiws. I asked somebody named Three273, the founder of So, I asked her on her blog if I could interview, and she said yes. So, poll about what you think!

You better poll, Or Else!

Clean Tornado’s Magical Adventures /*-*\

We Last Saw Clean Tornado Land On Wild West Island…

C.T.: This place is abanded!

Creator: HEY! What are you doing here?!?!

C.T.: Sorry. Am I not allowed to be here?

Creator: YES! Leave! The island isn’t finished yet!

C.T.: Okay, okay! I’ll leave! Sheesh!

C.T.: *pretends to leave but hides behind a barrel* I’ll just stay here untill the creator is gone.

2 months later xD…

C.T.: Ugh! I need a shower! *runs to the river and takes bath*

20 minutes later…

C.T.: Good, I’m clean. *sees the creator she saw 2 months before* 0_0

Creator: What are you still doing here?!?! The island isn’t finised!

C.T.: *sees a stampeade of members run around doing the island* Um.. it seems done to me…

Creator: Yeah, for members!

C.T.: I’m a member!

Creator: *looks at Clean’s stats* It says here you’re not a member, so leave!

C.T.: Okay, I’ll leave… if you give a life supply of crackers.

Creators: I’ll give you 100 boxes a year until I die, okay?

C.T.: Okay..


To Be Continued…

More On Hurricane Burger

Hurricane Burger will strike in 1 hour. 

To make things worse, it will last for 2 hours. The poptropicans with weather type last names are safe (I’m safe ’cause my last name Tornado), but others, are not. Everybody is warned to goto high places. I’m out at Super POWer Island, keeping an eye out on the weather.

1 hour later…

BREAKING NEWS: I just saw the first wave! The wave saw the jail and destroyed all the prisoners. The guards, luckily, survived. The wave is now heading towards down town of Super POWer Island. If my caculations are right, the waves will get bigger by the minute and destroy more islands. All are warned (except the people with weather as last names). It is very much best head to Mythology Island and head up to Mount Olympus.


I have just recived that Hurricane Burger will strike Poptropica. Hurricane Burger has strong winds that go up to F5. Sciencetists say that this hurricane releases 10 million gallons of water a wave. Those waves can reach a height of  1 inch tall, wich isn’t really harmful but it get taller one it reaches a poptropican. All poptropicans are told to go to they’re attic or high landforms. More at 3:00 p.m. This is Clean Tornado, keeping Poptropica in touch with the universe.

P.S.: I searched “clean tornado” on google images and found my picture: , which is this: Awesome, right? XD

Me Logo! 😀

P.P.S.: This is a picture I’ll show everytime I give news: